Friday, November 30, 2012

Workout Videos- Finding Your Perfect Fit

You can use your favorite search engine to find thousands of workout videos, but with such variety it can be exhausting finding the styles, disciplines and price you want.  Netflix and Blockbuster offer a scant and, to be generous, a more 'retro' selection.  Keep your workout fresh and current with some of these fantastic and quality solutions:

Give me the ease of DVD
KineticFlix offers current titles like Zumba, Body Beast from Beachbody and industry pros like Cathe Friedrich that are mailed to your home for a monthly membership starting at $12.99 for unlimited videos.  A quick search of "dance fitness"brought up over 400 videos and "boxing/martial arts" over 200.

Watching online is what I do anyway
Folks without the patience for snail mail might prefer streaming videos through GAIAM TV.  Use the 10 day free trial to see if their selection of celebs like Jillian Michaels and Mari Windsor and then $9.95/mo to watch unlimited videos.  Total fitness videos just over 450 and thousands of documentary/films on health and wellness, nutrition, self help, spirituality and so on.

I need fresh and new every time
What if you love the live experience but the classes you want are not in your area?  Log onto EMG Live Fitness and join your class each week with fresh choreography and motivation.  (No more involuntarily memorizing the cues AND jokes the instructor made in your favorite filmed titles.)  Classes are only $5 with an unlimited monthly option and on-demand options-no excuses on days with a schedule conflict.

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